PSG Plus Profile - Ann-Marie Lowry

PSG Plus Profile - Ann-Marie Lowry

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What was your first job, and is there anything you learned then that still sticks with you?

It wasn’t my very first job, but the first job I took learnings from that stick with me today, was working as a religion teacher. Religion is.…an interesting subject to teach when you have a diverse group of 13 year olds in front of you. It taught me how to teach a subject and tell a story in a way that was respectful to all mind-sets while still getting the information across and ensuring that the audience clearly understood the message.

What motivates you? Has this changed as your career has progressed?

When I started in PR, getting coverage was the main motivator. While great coverage is a major factor and always will be in PR, as I move along in my career what motivates me more and more is building up a good rapport with the client and with the people who aid you in bringing the best to your client. Using these relationships and insights we can build advice for clients that help them achieve their objectives – so it’s not always about coverage, rather solving the business problem through excellent communication.

If you’re feeling stressed in the office, what do you do to go to your ‘calm place’?

I don’t outwardly stress too much but if I do I just get some air and listen to some Kanye; he’s very calming...

You’ve worked extensively in PR but seem to have a lot of experience in healthcare; what is it that you most enjoy about that area of the industry?

I enjoy the diversity of healthcare PR and the fact that you’re being educated while you work. There are always new conditions and treatments to be highlighted and that takes a combination of research skills and PR skills.  Also, a healthcare campaign can be either corporate or consumer so you get to switch between the two on any given campaign. On the corporate side you get to see great business driven PR results which are paramount for your client. On the consumer side, while you will also see corporate results, putting together more creative plans allow you to push imaginative boundaries that perhaps the corporate side of healthcare PR doesn’t necessarily call for. What I have grown to enjoy more recently from working on a team like PSG Health is knowing, without question, that no matter what the need of the client – we can help them. When I started in August 2016, I got a fresh perspective on health campaign plans and the way they were put together to include support for the client on every level - be it a digital element, a crisis communication requirement, a sponsorship want, a public affairs perspective or the need for a consumer angle – PSG Health has experts in all fields to bring their knowledge to any given project. This variety and client offering is what I am currently enjoying about working in the health PR industry!

How does healthcare PR differ from other types of PR?

I think the basics are the same in every type of PR, but for me healthcare PR encourages me to have a different outlook on the way in which you should approach stressful times in life. Working in this particular type of PR, you speak to people who are living with, what can be, life limiting conditions. Their courage can make you re-think how you deal with minor stresses in your own life.

What did you want to work as when you were growing up?

In a band. Any band.

If you could describe PR in 3 words, what would they be?

Tough, Exciting and Satisfying